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New Sketch: Aileen

It’s been a while, but I finally got back to the putting my noise to the graphite. If you recall a few posts ago, then you would know that I had planned to work on a new project of drawing up a collection of portraits. I haven’t really made too much progress in that regard, but a good friend of mine, Aileen Holmes, has been great in kicking my creative ass into shape this past month (and for months prior). And with her inspiration, I was able to cobble together this sketch of her.

Sketch of Aileen

Thanks, Aileen, for putting up with my sorry ass for the past month. And good luck at the Patchwork Show in Long Beach!

Shake ‘n Bake baby! Shake ‘n Bake!

Check it. I just felt an earthquake here, and was telling my homeboy Justin about it. Well, apparently the news got to him before the waves did, as he did feel them minutes after I told him!

Dude, this is straight outta xkcd!

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