Yeah, it has been about a month since my last post. And I know that I am late following up on the art show. I have been going through some weird business here and there and have been distracted from posting here. But I did say that I would post some more photos, so here it goes..

Now, there is a Facebook photo album with pictures from the Opening Reception. You should be able to view it here:
Drink & Draw Social Club OC Chapter Art Show

As for my own photos, there are a few that I did want to share with you here.

Aileen Holms with one of her pieces
Here’s my friend and pseudo-mentor, Aileen Holmes, with one of her pieces from the show, a sketch of Strawberry Shortcake.

Here’s the staff of the ARTery Gallery, Tracey Taylor, the new director of the gallery, Gordon Dooley, the photographer for the night, and Phee, one of the assistants to the gallery.

As for what I submitted, I had taken pictures of actual scenes from our Drink & Draw events, and decided to render them in graphite pencils on bristol board. Here are some photos of them after the show.

Drink & Draw: Erin and Evan
This was actually bought at the show, so now I guess you could say that I’ve gone pro as an artist!

Drink & Draw: Aileen
Yes, here is Aileen again, caught with her chip in mid-air. I was having fun with the camera, not intending that they would be used as inspiration for the art show later. But I think I did capture her playful and whimsical side, which isn’t all too difficult with Aileen.

Drink & Draw: Drinkin’ Teo
And here, Aileen turns the tables on me and captures me in mid-quaff of my beer. I got to say, I should have seen her coming.