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As promised, one last toast…

One last toast to you, Lolo. And Happy Birthday.

Preview for this year’s Christmas Card

Every year for the past few years, I have made a custom Christmas card to be sent to friends and family. And every year, I’m always falling behind. However, I still intend to send them out by the end of this week (though much apologies to my overseas friends since it may take longer).

In any case, here’s just a preview of one of the sketches to be used for this year’s card (as well as a quick example of concept art).

And if you really do want to receive a card from me this year, then please contact me privately.

One last toast…

Two months ago, my grandfather died just before I was going to visit him in the hospital. Since then, our family has had the funeral, gathered for the 40th day Rosary, and have done our best to cope with our loss. His birthday would have been in nine days, and I had hoped to present a portrait I did of him as a gift for his birthday, or maybe even Christmas. Unfortunately, the portrait ended up being a memorial piece in his memory. It was shown in a local art gallery recently, and I have since taken it down, possibly to hang in my room or someplace here.

However, I do want to share it with you guys. It was really the only thing left I can do at that point. So in nine days, I’ll have one more toast in his honor. Peace out, Lolo. You still kick ass.

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