I wish I had more time to elaborate and expound on this, but I haven’t gotten my med refills yet, so we’ll see how far I get.

Now, I usually don’t follow politics, but because I already finished the first season of Iron Fist on Netflix and I’m still waiting for more episodes of the second season of the anime My Hero Academia, I have been listening to the PBS Newshour more often than not. I assume this is a good thing, despite my depression has been worsening from listening to current events. And one of these current events is the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Now, let’s ignore the fact that Dir. Comey was currently in charge of investigations regarding the White House’s alleged ties with Russian agents and their influence in the U.S. government. Yes, I understand that it is an important fact not to ignore, but for now, I want to look at what are the initial facts of the situation right now before we go into speculations and allegations, despite how relevant those speculations and allegations are, and into the facts that would later be made evident as the situation develops.

Now, here’s a list of what I know are facts:

  1. Trump, himself, has fired Dir. Comey, by virtue of his office as President of the United States.
  2. The reason for Comey’s termination is due to his mishandling of the investigation of then Democratic Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server while she served as Secretary of State under President Obama. Specifically, the memo from the Justice Department cites Dir. Comey’s public recommendation to not pursue criminal charges.

If there are any corrections to be made regarding these facts, then please tell me so I can reevaluate the situation with better information.

Now, despite Dir. Comey’s recommendation in July of 2016, the Justice Department could just as well ignore the Director’s recommendation and proceed with criminal prosecution. Sure, Comey took some wind out of their sails, but if the Justice Department actually feels that criminal proceedings were necessary, couldn’t they just do that anyway? It wouldn’t be the first time that different government agencies or departments would disagree with each other, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. So, despite the Director’s recommendation, couldn’t the Attorney General still say, “Fuck it!” and continue with criminal proceedings? If the issue is really about criminal activity, then screw public opinion, get the prosecution posse, and lock the bitch up! But, if the issue is less about criminal activity, and more about political maneuvering, then yeah, I can see why Sessions and Trump, way back in 2016, would get upset over Comey’s mishandling of the investigation. In fact, Trump repeatedly criticized Comey and the FBI during the rest of his campaign. Well, the criticisms continued but only up to eleven days before Election Day, that is. The reason for Trump’s change in opinion is because Comey made another public announcement stating that he reopened the investigation on Hillary’s e-mails, which brings us to my next point.

The Justice Department and the Trump Administration, as well as their Republican allies and sycophants, point repeatedly to Dir. Comey’s recommendations against a criminal case in regards to Hillary’s e-mail server as the primary reason for Comey’s termination. However, this single action doesn’t seem to be very convincing as the sole reason for dismissing a top official. If anything, Dir. Comey actions for publicly reopening the case of Hillary’s e-mails just days before the general election could be construed as an attempt to influence the election by throwing 11th-hour shade on Hillary. No doubt, with all the efforts of the GOP’s (and allegedly Russia’s) Hillary Hate Machine, this public announcement was probably the final “I knew it” moment that swung voters away from Hillary and into Trump’s camp. It’s interesting to note that this reopening of the investigation resulted in nothing that could be found as even remotely criminal. If anything, this case reopening should draw more attention to Dir. Comey’s integrity than whatever he said months prior.

It should also be noted that the FBI were conducting investigations of alleged ties between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia as far back as July of 2016, coincidentally the same time that he made his public recommendation to not pursue a criminal case against Hillary. However, knowledge of that investigation was not made public until late March of 2017, two months after Trump’s inauguration, and more than four months after the general election. In essence, that investigation could not influence the general election simply because voters did not know about it, unlike the reopened investigation into Hillary’s e-mails that did influence the general election simply because it was made public.

Now, if I wanted to accuse James Comey of playing politics, then I would say he was undermining Hillary’s presidential bid. Despite his recommendation of not indicting Hillary on criminal offenses (whose controversy has already done its job of fomenting suspicions of Hillary), Comey’s non-disclosure of the Trump-Russia investigation throughout those last months of campaigning, while also reopening the investigation on Hillary’s e-mail, suggests that Comey really wanted to sabotage Hillary’s chances of being president, even if he was not necessarily assuring a Trump victory.

Of course, this is only if I want to accuse James Comey of playing politics. I am more of the belief that Comey made some really bad mistakes, one of which really fucked up the integrity of last year’s election. I don’t think he’s thinking politics when he’s doing his job, which explains why he still stands by the decisions he made. As a professional dedicated to looking for facts and evidence within the purview of his position, he understands that any rational voter wouldn’t be inadvertently swayed by his public announcements either way. But as a non-politically minded individual, he probably doesn’t understand that voters can and will be swayed by appeals to their irrational fears and pent-up emotions. Or to put it in Teo-speak, Comey greatly underestimated the stupidity of the American people.

Now this is just my hypothetical interpretation of the facts given. As more information is disclosed, my speculations, as well as the speculations of others, will definitely change.

Let’s now revisit that fact about then-Dir. James Comey being in charge of the investigation concerning ties between Trump and Russia. If he is indeed apolitical, as I suggest, then Comey will probably call things as he sees it, and thus implicate Trump & company in scandals of high treason and espionage. It’s gonna make things look really bad, to say the least. He certainly does not have Trump’s (or Putin’s ) hand up his ass if he made public knowledge of this investigation in the first place, even long after any point of time when it could have been relevant in the minds of voters.

Ever since Comey came out publicly with this investigation, Trump has been less than ingratiating in his opinion on Dir. Comey. If anything, Trump was trying to deflect any and all attention from the Russia scandal, from bombing Iraq, er.. I mean bombing Syria over chocolate cake with President Xi Jinping of China, to repeating accusations of “fake news” trying to make him look bad, to celebrating his great legislative victory of barely passing Trumpcare through the House of Representative but before it even gets seen by the Senate. Nonetheless, the Trump-Russia scandal just won’t go away.

For anyone who is even remotely politically savvy, it should be evident that Dir. Comey is untouchable by the White House. To openly attack him or publicly undermine his leadership of the FBI would immediately invite legitimate criticism of the White House, provoke accusations of a cover-up, and create a very real and very plausible case for impeachment. But, it’s probably evident by now that Trump was never that savvy, politically or otherwise. So, after receiving the memo from the Justice Department for the justification to terminate Comey, Trump simply signs and attaches his office letterhead that states to Comey that he’s fired.

The only reasonable explanation for this extremely ill-timed firing is that Comey’s termination had to be, in some way, personal. If you are on Team Trump (and if you are, well damn! You are one stupid-ass fool!), then you don’t want the White House to be even remotely responsible or connected to Comey’s removal as director, simply because it raises way too many red flags. And these are not just small individual innocuous red flags that Trump can flippantly ignore as all the lawsuits made against him, these are big flaming red signal flares! They cannot be more conspicuous if they were bright pink 3-meter-long sequined flags held by George Takei and Neil Patrick Harris both running shirtless through the middle of a Pence conversion camp! Sure, you sack Comey, but you end up bringing the whole damn administration down as well.

Similarly, if you are part of the Resistance (and if you are, then I say, “My nigga’!”), then you don’t want to sack James Comey, despite his screw ups in 2016. Sure, his resignation or termination won’t actually stop the Trump-Russia investigations, but you don’t want to slow down those investigations either!

Now, it is possible, very possible, that I might be giving Team Trump too much credit. Maybe they actually thought, “Hey, if we get rid of Comey, then that solves all our problems! What could go wrong?” I really hate to acknowledge the stupidity of the American people, but I hate even more to underestimate the stupidity of the American people. I just hope that this stupidity that brought Trump to the White House will also get his ass impeached and convicted out of the White House as well.