Last week, I spent the day at the Electronics Entertainment Expo, or otherwise known as E3. Though I’ve not been up to date with the latest news about video games, consoles, and the like, I still try to keep myself informed of all the cool stuff that comes by. This was also the first time I’ve gone to a major convention-type event in a long time, and while I do miss hanging out with some of my geeky and nerdy friends in such an environment, I’m a little surprised at just how much most of the people here embody the geeky/nerdy stereotype. Fortunately, it wasn’t overly crowded and the hygiene levels were at accepted levels.

Here I was, across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Center, where E3 was waiting for me…

Here was the staging area for Activision just seconds before its new Call of Duty promo.

When I first seen this display, it looked much like a Terminator licensed product, but closer inspection and flash photography revealed army green bots, instead of the metallic sheen of the classic T-800 model.

And though you can’t seen it from this angle, this chick really did have a big gun.

I love a girl in uniform, particularly if she has her friend with her and a big tank backing her up. And yes, the brunette was at least a full head taller than I am, hence why she was kneeling down right next to me.

Though this photo does no justice to it, here was the Capcom area, with a large video screen and a bunch of consoles with upcoming games. One of the biggest things that I had anticipated was a first look on the new Street Fighter X Tekken game. Yes, Ryu and Kazuka go head to head in this upcoming crossover game!

And while we’re talking about Street Fighter X Tekken, here’s a shot of me getting my ass pwned while playing the new game.

I really hate clowns. I really do.

Now here’s one clown that I can get used to! Don’t judge me!

Awh! Kawaii!

Unfortunately, when I try to do it, it just doesn’t look the same. And the Cooking Mama knows it.

Here’s a video screen of the game End of Nations

…as well as a couple cosplaying booth babes for the company’s products…

…and a candid shot of me with said cosplaying beauties.

Yes, that’s a real girl in the picture with me. And yes, she’s way taller than I am. Plus, if you turn your gun sideways, it makes the bullet go faster.

Here’s a promo of a game whose main character seems to be a cute emo girl.

Yeah, she got me to be a little emo, too.

And for all you Harvest Moon fans, this is a shot of a new 3D game. Then I found out it was not a 3D image, but an actual cart with stuffed animals. That explains why I couldn’t find any controllers around it.

Another game from Natsume (the company that made Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove and Harvest Moon), this one is called Rune Factory. I wasn’t able to get much information on it, but I liked the big giant plush monster.

I couldn’t help but flex in front of it like a body builder. ARRGG! Feel the burn!

Though I’m not necessarily a big fan (maybe because I haven’t played anything from the series), here’s a big marquee promoting Gears of War 3.

Next, I decided to try out the Glee Karaoke Revolution (presumingly riding on the show of the same name). I don’t think I did very well. The Glee cheerleaders concur.

Here are a couple booth babes for the EA Sports’ upcoming SSX, a winter sports game. Though I didn’t see much winter or sports, it did feel kinda warm between the two ladies.

This small exhibit was the “Into The Pixel” exhibition, which is a selected collection of “The Art of the Video Game.” I didn’t have time to get a shot of everything but the two pieces I like were “Dead Walking” from the Orcs Must Die! game, and “Oktonok Cay Cannery” from the upcoming Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One game.

“Dead Walking”

Artists: Chris Moffitt, Brad Crow, Nathan Stefan, Bart Tiongson
From the game Orcs Must Die! (from Robot Entertainment)

“Oktonok Cay Cannery”

Artist: David Guertin
From the game Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One (from Insomniac Games)

Speaking of Ratchet & Clank, here’s a photo of me standing by the intrepid hero himself.

“I have the POOOOWEEEER!!!”

I haven’t played the game yet, but its booth did seem pretty cool.

I did want check out what Riot Games had for E3, since I have been playing a lot of their free PvP game League of Legends

…but I think their booth was closed and only for those with appointment. Oh well.

Hey, it’s good to be the king!

Near the end of my day, I was able to grab a pic of myself with a few lovely booth girls. I like how I had to look at their chests in order to read the “Pew Pew” on their shirts.

And with that, I close this pictorial of my visit to E3 2001.

What are you looking at?