New Sketch: Claire (again)

Well, my friend wanted this other sketch to be posted as well, even though I’m not completely happy with it. Still, it feels kinda cool to be in demand.

New Sketch: Claire

This is a recent sketch I did of a friend of mine.

Sketch of Claire

After finishing this little exercise, as well as looking back on the two other portraits I’ve done previously, I think I’m going to start on a project over this coming year. I’ve had fun doing these portraits, and they have been good practice for honing my skills. So I’ll be working on a number of portraits of people I know, to build up a small collection of themed work.

I already have an idea of some people I want to hit up as models, but if you are interested in getting your face immortalized in graphite, then give me a buzz. What I’m looking for is personality, something more than just a smiling pleasant face. Hell, I’ll even take commissions for a price. I can’t guarantee if I can use you as a model, or when these pieces will be finished. Still, if you make it worth my while, then I’ll put your commission on higher priority.

Hey, I got no shame in pimpin’ out my art. Teo still got to eat, you know.

New Card Sketch: “Arise, oh Great Wyrm!”

I’ve had this card in the works since January. I have the initial sketching done, so now I’m just working on the colors. I don’t want to do a half-ass job on it, but that might be why I have been holding back on finishing this. Here’s what I got so far, and I’m hoping to have the final version done within the coming weeks.

Dance, Sing, Love… Lie

New birthday card design, made specially for my Mom and Sister.

Here’s the cover and interior:

Family, Food, and Easter Earthquakes

Just this past Sunday was a family gathering, not just for Easter Sunday but also for celebrating birthdays from March and April. I don’t know about you or your family, but when my family celebrates together, there’s always food involved. For us, you can’t have fun without food. Anorexia is not an option. In fact, I can’t think of a really skinny person in our family. Hey, we are far from being fat tubby bastards, but you’ll never starve at our homes.

What we have for lunch, or dinner, or both, can depend on a whim. Sometimes, we prepare traditional Filipino food, including lumpia, pancit, and rice. Other times, we have an Italian theme. We also do the “common” American meat and potatoes dishes, but we also can go Mexican. This past Sunday, we had barbeque beef, ribs, and chicken. Of course, there were also pots of pancit and rice to accompany the corn and biscuits and yams. It wouldn’t be lunch at Lola’s without them.

But despite the food, the other great part of the day was just hanging out with the family to catch up from one or two weeks ago, or to cheer on the Lakers on television (my grandmother is a big Lakers fan). I didn’t pay attention much to this as a kid, and I’m sure my daughter and younger cousins might not be fully aware of this either. These family gatherings just come naturally that I probably took them from granted when I was younger. But now, I look forward to them.

When I first went away for college, I didn’t have the luxury of going back home for Thanksgiving or Easter weekend. Some of the other students did, but going across two time zones and back was too much for just a couple days. When I was away, I would eat whatever leftover sandwich I had and think about my family. Now that I’m back with them, it’s hard to imagine being away.

Even though eating is a fundamental necessity of life (or maybe because it is), I’ve found that it is a perfect way to connect with people, from old friends to that hot new date. In fact, it is common for our family to bring along and welcome friends to these events. Our largely Filipino family has even adopted a “white” sister and brother whom we have known for over a decade. And our family keeps growing with friends, in-laws, and young kids. I don’t take these family food fests for granted anymore, but I also feel special and gifted when I hear from some other people whose families don’t have this kind of closeness.

This couldn’t be better illustrated than by this past Sunday. Everyone had a plate of food with them (possibly more). We were talking and drinking at the same time. The Lakers, though, unfortunately lost to San Antonio. And that’s when we all felt that 7.1 Mexicali earthquake. Some of us started to sway, myself included. I thought I had too much to drink. But when I saw that everyone else was swaying, we all realized that it was an earthquake. But did we panic? Of hell no. As true Southern Californians, we hardly paused to blink to even give it another thought. Instead of fear and apprehension, we had calm and curiosity, as we then turned on the television or got online to find out where the earthquake was. Afterwards, we all laughed about it. And then we made sure that everyone who was leaving got enough leftovers to eat during the week.

I like to eat. Sure, I probably do need to cut back some, or exercise more, but meals are more than just a daily necessity. To me, they become almost a sacred ritual, one where food nourishes our bodies and company nourishes our spirits. There’s a lot to be said if you are invited to dinner, or if someone wants to break bread with you. Even if it’s just a casual meal, I take eating serious, even more so if I am with someone.

I hear of some people who eat when they get depressed. I’m not saying if that is good or bad, but I will add that if you are depressed and want to eat, then don’t just eat alone. Eat with a friend.

The Start of Something New

As the first day of spring, today could be seen as a new start of something. It could be something big. It could be something important. It could be something personal, that has great meaning for one’s self, but not necessarily for others. For me, it’s the start of this journal.

Call it a blog, a journal, a list of thoughts and drawings that I have decided to share on the Internet. Hell, even call it the rantings of a crazy, eccentric fool, or even the musing of a jaded, tired, cynical, old man. Either way, it is something new for me. And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

If you are reading this from the start, then maybe you will partially witness a small change in me, where I finally explore the depths of my soul, the unlimited potential of my being, and just how crazy I can get with each passing day. Seriously, I don’t know where I am going with this, but I hope that you enjoy the ride as much as I do. Well, hopefully more than I do, in case of any misfortunes which happen to fall upon me and would greatly amuse you. Trust me, if my past is any indication of what’s to come, then I still got a few stories left in me to tell.

Oh, and before I forget:

Here’s to a happy Twenty-Ninth!

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